The Link between Social Capital and Learning Outcomes: A literature review

Kuranchie Alfred,M Phil, Addo, Hillar, Ph D (Author)

Pages No. 87-100

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Intergenerational sexual relationships in urban Botswana

Dr. Josephine Nkosana, Dr. Leonard Nkosana (Author)

Pages No. 101-120

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A Psychological Profiling Of Artisans (Mechanics, Hair Dressers, Panel Beaters And Tailors) On Emotional Intelligence, Attitude To Work, Self Efficacy And Locus Of Control

Joseph Onyebuchukwu,Muyiwa, Adeniyi Sholarin(Phd),Idoko,Sholarin MA, I.J.Onyebuchukwu, I.J.0nyebuchukwu (Author)

Pages No. 121-131

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Policing in India: Technology and Crime Prevention

Razdha Parveen (Author)

Pages No. 132-143

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Effect of Audit Quality On The Financial Performance Of Listed Parastatals In

Peter Bulimo Eshitemi, Dr. Jane Omwenga, PhD (Author)

Pages No. 144-157

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