The Influence of Quality Management Systems on the relationship between admission systems and the performance of Kenyan Public Universities.

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In recent years, there have been attempts to import business models from the private sector into higher education systems and institutions in an attempt to improve their performance. This has led to the emergence of a debate on the applicability of Quality Management Systems(QMS) principles, methodologies and tools to the higher education sector and their relationship with performance of those institutions. There exists a lot of research on the importance of Quality Management Systems and how it impacts on performance of organizations in general. However, there is little research that specifically focuses on the influence of QMS on the relationship between internal factors and performance of Kenyan public universities. This study sought to establish the influence of Quality Management Systems on the relationships between admission systems on the performance of Kenyan public universities. The study adopted a survey research design. Seven certified public sponsored universities published by the Commission for Higher Education in Kenya were sampled. Structured questionnaires were used in the collection of data. A pilot study was conducted to check for the reliability and validity of the research instruments. SPSS software was used in analyzing and interpreting data that was collected. The findings of this study demonstrated that QMS played a significant influencing role between admission systems and the performance of Kenyan public universities, with an 98.5% coefficient of determination (R2) rating. These results will be beneficial to a range of beneficiaries; scholars in the subject of management; researchers who will use the results as a contribution towards the advancement of knowledge in the subject area; Government officials and university management will in particular, benefit from the knowledge on the linkages between QMS and its influence on internal factors and the performance of public universities in Kenya. The study recommended that for public universities to realize the dreams of a majority of Kenyans as envisioned in Vision 2030 and the Kenyan constitution, they should proactively adopt QMS in their operations across all internal factors in order to be effective and efficient in their performances. The study proposed two future studies.

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Issue: 2018: Volume 02 Issue 11
Page No.: 662-682
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