Malware Analysis on Android Apps: A Permission-based Approach

Article Date Accepted: !dateAccepted; | Article Date Published : 24 October 2018 | Page No.: 624-633


The use of Android devices nowadays is almost inevitable. Having been able to get a big slice of the mobile operating systems, Android has become a wide target for malware attacks. Malware detection analysis in this study is done to contribute to the many various ways in doing the malware analysis using classification algorithm using Random Forest and Naive Bayesian. This study used a static method of analyzing and detecting malware applications through the permission requests made by each Android applications as analyzed by VirusTotal website. This study utilized fifty actual Android samples down- loaded from the Internet in which the samples were composed of twenty-five benign apps and twenty-five malware applications.

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A. O. Gamao, “Malware Analysis on Android Apps: A Permission-based Approach”, sshj, vol. 2, no. 10, pp. 624-633, Oct. 2018.

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Issue: 2018: Volume 02 Issue 10
Page No.: 624-633
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