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Studying the discomfort zone was intriguing because according to Bernadette Kusdiantari, Consultant Experd, the discomfort zone is a situation when a person is already discomfortable with the situation. The crisis that hit Indonesia since 1996 not only affected business, but also affected the public welfare. The world of work is getting narrower, while the people who need jobs is increasing. Unemployment caused by the absence of jobs eventually becomes a burden on society as well. Unemployment is a result of the difficulty of getting a job, especially in big cities. It required courage to open discomfort zone to make a new breakthrough in the world of entrepreneurship. The government is expected to support the advancement of entrepreneurship in Indonesia by providing marketing assistance and capital goods that have been produced so that the entrepreneur can establish a business without a hitch on the cost of capital and marketing. Job seekers were initially only interested in the formal sector is also expected to change his views and switch on the informal sector entrepreneurs


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Issue: 2018: Volume 02 Issue 10
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