About SSHJ

A little about us

SSHJ is a blind peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to publishing high-quality papers in the fields of Social Science and Humanities. SSHJ a research journal of international repute, is a notable and distinguish platform to publish quality research papers. Everant Publisher

The cutting edge invention features dwell with the advance approach makes it futuristic creative publishers helping scientists to expand in their respective research areas profoundly. SSHJ is Refereed International Journal publishing paper that emphasizes research, development and application within the fields of new engineering and technology. SSHJ covers all areas of Engineering and Technology, publishing original research articles. SSHJ reviews papers within approximately one week of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions.

Our Philosophy

We promote Open Research

Open Research doesn't just mean Open Access. We encourage publication of all data and analytical tools used in each manuscript, allowing these, as well as figures, to be cited individually in future work.

Everything we publish is licenced under Creative Commons CC-BY Attribution 4.0, allowing sharing, transforming and building upon our content, so long as credit is attributed.

We believe in transparency

We will publish all conversations between authors and reviewers, alongside all revisions of each manuscript.

While our review process is double-blind, we encourage reviewers to reveal their identities after publication of the manuscript. Not only can reviewers then claim credit for their work, but any potential conflicts of interest will then be subject to public scrutiny.

We encourage wider access

It is important that the wider public have access to academic research, and also that medical students have more opportunities to participate in research during their training. Improving access will drive up standards, benefitting all.

Reasons to publish with us

  • The first Open Access academic journal which actively promotes research by Managment students
  • No publication fees. Ever.
  • Submission-to-publication time of three weeks (depending on number of review rounds)
  • Wide range of manuscript types and disciplines
  • Transparent peer-review process with publication of all correspondence and manuscript versions
  • Robust and user-friendly submission portal
  • Excellent Open credentials

Core team members

SSH was founded in 2017, and the core team is supported by the Everant committee, and teams of section editors and reviewers.